Save space in your medicine cabinet; store band-aids in baggies

Bandaid boxes take up too much space, so I put just front panel in a baggie w/the band aids.
Organize your first-aid supplies with baggies, via Twitter/@rprav8r

A space-saving idea for your first-aid supplies! Ryan tweeted me with her hack + a photo; such a simple, smart idea.

Are you following @parenthacks on Twitter? Great way to share quick hacks, as is the Parent Hacks Facebook page. I'm still limping along on Pinterest…it's a great service, but I'm more a conversation person than a picture person (I realize I'm in the minority).

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  1. Noel says

    Call me dumb but I did not understand the hack. Did she just bought it in bulk and put the varieties in separate bags? Is that the hack?

  2. Asha Dornfest says

    Noel: running out to pick up my daughter so can’t do more than comment now — the hack was taking all of the different-sized bandages out of their bulky boxes and storing them (instead) in baggies with the box fronts only. Saves space, and yet you can still ID bandages by size and shape.

  3. Jiji says

    Yeah, I’m wondering why she has 6 different boxes of band-aids. And ziplock sandwich bags are bad for the environment.

  4. says

    I put them in a reuseable zippered makeup bag along with the ointment so when it’s booboo time I can grab the bag and go go.

  5. Stephanie says

    I store mine in one of the pencil cases (the plastic one that has the slide out sleeve and snap button front) I got from Office Depot for a penny during back to school shopping. You can store about 3-4 regular sized boxes of assorted sized bandages in it. If your kids are like mine, they have different characters on them. IF they are super picky, use a different color box for each kid. There is also plenty of room for a neosporin type ointment bottle for quick toss in the bag and run moments.

    Also, you should not keep medicine or bandages in the bathroom with a shower. The moisture and heat in the air can ruin them in no time. We keep all of ours in my oldest son’s half bath or in a small basket in the kitchen cabinet (away from spices and cleaners of course).

  6. Stephanie says

    I forgot to add that I do take the bandages out of the boxes. There is not room for the regular boxes of bandages, but the variety of characters makes it fun for the kids to choose.

  7. says

    Must do this right away! My toddler can now get into the drawer where we keep the band aids and has had a lot of fun shaking the contents out of the box. If I stick them in a sealable baggie they will hopefully keep him out of them until he’s outgrown this phase.

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