24 January 2013

Amazon Gold Box deal: Brother Personal Label Maker 52% off

At Amazon: Brother Personal Labeler (PT90)
At Amazon: Brother Personal Labeler (PT90)

If you're spending the beginning of the year organizing (or even if you aren't), a label maker is a hugely useful tool. I bought one years ago (more expensively than this) and I can't tell you how many times it has come in handy.

Printed labels add a level of readability and functionality to whatever organizing project you're working on. I've used mine for filing projects, spice labels, labeling water bottles and other school- or camp-bound gear, and a million other things.

Today, in the Amazon Gold Box, the Brother Personal Labeler (formerly the P-Touch) is 52% off ($14.99). I've never seen this model available for under $25, and it has several features my little Dymo doesn't.

Is anyone else as big a fan of label makers as I am? How do you use yours?

At Amazon: Brother Personal Labeler (PT90), $14.99

Discount good until January 26, 2013, unless they run out sooner.

UPDATE 1/25/13: Looks like the Gold Box got bought out quickly...the discount has expired.

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I was about to buy this but did a quick Google search and found it for $9.99 at Office Max. With 'to store' shipping the shipping is free! Thanks for the tip - I'm excited to try out the label maker. I've never had one at home and am just starting to fathom the possibilities!

Janell! So glad you posted this! My Google searching this morning did not turn up the same deal. For those who have Amazon Prime (or use Super Saver Free Shipping for a total purchase over $25), it often works out cheaper from Amazon even if the price is a little higher.

I'm always surprised by how often I use my label maker. I'm not a mad labeler, and I STILL pull it out at least once a week (and I've had mine for years). I hope you enjoy yours!

Clicked on the link & it comes up at $19.15, not $14.99

Doh! They must have run out quickly! They put a limited amount in any Gold Box deal (*how* limited isn't clear), but that one went faster than usual.

Hello! Weet u of ze geen plugins te beschermen tegen hackers? Ik ben een beetje paranoïde over het verliezen van alles wat ik hard heb gewerkt. Eventuele aanbevelingen?

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