The honor of being useful: a love letter to Parenthackers

Babble: Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2012

Christine and I talked on the phone for over an hour yesterday, much of it dreaming about the trajectory of Minimalist Parenting. We had tasks to discuss (I'll do this, you do that, etc.) but the thing we kept coming back to is that we want our book to help people.

Sure, we want it to sell, but both of us are better at sharing than we are at selling. The thing that makes us willing to do the selling part is that we want our book to be useful to as many people as possible. We want Minimalist Parenting to make the difference for parents who are struggling in that stuck place of "too much." Dare I say it? We want to start a movement of "minimalist parents" who trust themselves and the path they're charting with their families.

This has always been my hope for Parent Hacks as well: to be a place people could find a time-saving tip, or a bit of wisdom that changed their perspective, something that made life easier. Something useful.

Babble has just released its annual list of the Top 100 Mom Blogs, and Parent Hacks was named "Most Useful." This is the third time in four years Parent Hacks has received the honor.

What does this mean? It means that, for the last seven years, your willingness to share your advice, tips, honest opinions, thoughtful conversation and general enthusiasm has created something helpful for parents everywhere. Your tip about a non-leaky sippy cup, or storage method for art supplies, or trick for keeping your kid in bed has contributed to a huge collective pile of USEFUL.

There are plenty of sites that are probably more useful than Parent Hacks, but your heart (and mine) beats at the center of this site. That's what makes it special, I think. Tips and tricks are great, but the community here adds something that just can't be quantified.

Thank you, Babble, for honoring the generosity of all the people who have taken the time to submit hacks, leave comments, tweet smart ideas, pass along hack-worthy links, and share Parent Hacks with friends.

Most of all, thank you for doing this with me.

I've got another post brewing, but I've run out of time! Later this week I'll introduce you to the other "Useful" honorees, plus more blogs I personally find useful.