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Kiwi Crate: Crafty Christmas
Kiwi Crate: Crafty Christmas gift crate

My lack of craftiness is no longer news to you. Despite a certain flair with hacked-together Halloween costumes, I'm not a particularly crafty mom. Nor do I think this is a problem. It's not that I lack creativity…I just don't express it with my kids through crafts.

I do, however, have a crafty kid. Mimi's got patience with fussy details I'll never have, and she enjoys both the process and the product.

She's happy scavenging materials from around the house for her creative endeavors, but sometimes it's fun to work from a kit. The project's laid out, the materials are all in one place, and the scope of the project is a known quantity. However, if you've spent much time in the Michael's Craft Stores of the world, you know that many of their kits leave something to be desired. Several mainstream kits she has received as gifts still sit unopened on the shelf.

Kiwi Crate is the craft kit we all wish for our kids. These beautifully-packaged kits contain wonderful projects, use high-quality materials, and follow clever and interesting themes.

We tried a holiday-themed gift crate (I appreciated that they had one for Hanukkah) and it was so much fun! Kiwi Crates are designed for kids in the 3-7 age range, but my 9 year-old daughter loved making the Spin Art Dreidel.

Kiwi Crate: Spin art dreidel craft from Handmade Hanukkah gift crate
Kiwi Crate: Spin art dreidel craft from Handmade Hanukkah gift crate

The holiday gift crates are adorable, but Kiwi Crate really shines with their monthly subscription packages. For $19.95 per month (shipping is free) they send a new crate to your kid (or lucky gift recipient). A three-month subscription would be such a wonderful gift…creative inspiration long after the holidays end, and the dreary, rainy business of winter sets in.

I am so delighted by Kiwi Crate I'm going to buy one for my niece for Christmas.

Visit Kiwi Crate to see the full array of gifts and subscriptions available. They have a bunch of fun discounts and giveaways happening, so be sure to click around on the website.

This is not a sponsored post. Kiwi Crate reached out to Parent Hacks for a review and sent me a free crate so I could test it in person. The choice to write the review was my own, as are the opinions expressed here.

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    Amazing how the simplest things are often the most genius. There are a couple little girls on my list who would love one of these this year. Thanks for the tip, Asha.