19 December 2012

Kid-friendly baking hack: Mix cookie dough in a handled pot instead of a mixing bowl

At Amazon: Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer
At Amazon: Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer

Cookie-makers rejoice! Tracy's hack is about to make your baking life a lot easier:

My kids love to help out in the kitchen, especially when we're baking and using the hand mixer. Unfortunately, it's hard for the kids to hold the mixing bowl and the hand mixer at the same time. The bowl starts spinning and batter starts flying. 

So instead of a mixing bowl, we're now using a medium-sized cooking pot. The handle gives the kids something to hold so the bowl doesn't spin.

Now we can just enjoy making and decorating our cookies, and they're able to help.

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Smart! What a great way to multipurpose something already in the kitchen.

Just be sure not to use a non-stick/Teflon pot (where the interior finished will get damaged) and be sure to scrape the corners clean (because dry goods love to hide in corners).

I have my grandmother's old steel Whip and Grip mixing bowl (West Bend) that has a big handle on the side. Not only does it help the kids keep it steady, it reminds me of cooking with my grandma and my mom (who has an identical bowl). If you ever see one of these vintage beauties at a yard sale, buy it. You'll have no regrets.

Smart tip, but agree with the non-stick pans.

I purchased some mixing bowls from IKEA (no affiliation disclaimer)last year and they are plastic (read lightweight), have a non-skid bottom AND they have a handle.

After using them, I donated all but ONE glass mixing bowl that were already in my cupboard.

Check them out.

Thanks Adrienne and Nikole! Agreed about non-stick...wouldn't work well at all. OXO has a decent line of handled mixing bowls as well, I think with a pouring spout.

This is a great idea for little ones. Always enjoy your hacks!

useful article.

I have used this for several years, and baked cookies many times

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