Toys for kids with special needs: Ellen’s got great advice

At Amazon: Whacky Ball
At Amazon: Whacky Ball (my kids LOVED this toy as a toddler)

The straightforward pleasure of giving children gifts can be complicated when the gift-ee in question has special needs. Perhaps this kid is easily overstimulatedby noise or flashing lights…or the general intensity of the holidays with all of its huggy strangers and scratchy dress-up clothes.

Whatever the special needs might be — whether a learning difference, a diagnosable condition, or simply an extra-sensitive temperament — it's nice to have some guidance in the gift-buying department.

Ellen Seidman has put together a fantastic gift guide with her picks for the best toys for kids with special needs.

What I love about this guide is that it's full of standard, get-them-anywhere toys. Reasonably-priced, easy to find or order. I also loved the anecdotes from a parents explaining why each pick worked for their kids.

Great work, Ellen!

At Love That Max: Best Toys for Kids with Special Needs: Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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