Thank you for another wonderful year (and a sneak peek at what’s next)

The White Stag, Portland, OR
The White Stag gets a red nose during the holidays. Photo credit: Unknown

Good morning, friends! I hope you're settled into whatever holiday plans your family has, even if that means getting settled on the couch. (Re: couch: the Hobbit movie rekindled our desire to visit Middle Earth, which led to a Lord of the Rings movie-watching marathon, extended edition, extras included. It was GLORIOUS.)

I want to thank you for making this another fantastic year for Parent Hacks. Can you believe we've been talking here for seven years? When I launched Parent Hacks in December 2005, I had a kindergartener and a toddler. Now my oldest is halfway finished with 7th grade. What a ride it has been…together.

There's a lot in the works here at Parent Hacks. Starting in January, we'll have all sorts of Minimalist Parenting news to share. While there's plenty to tell about the book, Christine and I also want to help you apply Minimalist Parenting to your life, and we're putting together a fun, interactive way to do just that. If you're dreaming about a simpler, calmer 2013 but aren't sure where to begin, you'll love what we've got planned.

Till then, I say we relax and pat ourselves on the back for another year of parenting. It's not always easy to put your finger on the actual achievements, but really, it's a year of growth…for our kids and for us.

I hope you enjoy the quiet, and have a wonderful, restful holiday. I'll see you next year!