Lobbying Congress with #ONEMoms

Capitol Building
How it looks on Capitol Hill today.

Quickie post as I'm running out the door, but I wanted to at least share a few moments of my day with you.

I'm in Washington, DC with the ONE Campaign and ONEMoms visiting members of Congress. Amazingly (to me, anyway) we're here sharing stories with our Senators and Representatives about our time in Ethiopia. We're telling them about the real progress we've seen as a result of international aid to health and hunger programs such as PEPFAR and Feed the Future.

Believe me, this is not my comfort zone…I am a political newbie (and a bit of a political cynic as well). Seeing the Capitol Building is powerful…it has the sort of iconic impact of the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. But as soon as we walked into an office to meet with a staffer or member of Congress, I was hit with the obvious realization that…these are people, too. People with their own stories and priorities and histories. Sure, there's "politics." But real work is getting done, real people care about what's happening in the world, real lives are being saved.

I'll have more to share after I get home (and perhaps tomorrow if there's time to post before I get back on the plane). For now, I just want to say to you that you have a voice. Every congressperson talked about the importance of hearing from constituents on these issues…and that's as simple as making a phone call. It's shocking how much those phone calls and letters really are heard and noticed.

It's exciting. More soon.