Never forget a password again: 1Password

1Password keeps track of all your online accounts.

I call some problems "mice that roar." Small problems that cause big inconvenience. One mouse that roars in my life is the forgotten password. I hate it when try to log onto a site for a seemingly quick reason, only to get snagged in the "Forget your password?" trap.

A few months ago, my husband wandered into my office, no doubt curious about all the cursing and sighing he was hearing because I forgot yet another password.

"You're still typing in passwords?" He shook his head, patted my shoulder, and told me to buy 1Password.

At $49.99, there was no way I was going to spring for a password utility. I'm too cheap for that. But I was happy to download the free 30 day trial. Well, within a day or two of using 1Password, I was practically begging the software maker, AgileBits, to take my money.

1Password is essentially a vault, protected by a single password, inside which you store all of your passwords, login credentials, and even credit card numbers. When you unlock the vault, you can then log in to any site for which you've stored your credentials with a single click.

1Password integrates with browsers, so when you sign up for an account at a new site, it automatically captures that information for later use. You can also buy companion apps for your smartphone to keep everything in sync.

There's much more to it (I'm still exploring all the options), but even the basic features have saved my sanity. Given that I spend an increasing amount of my shopping and info gathering time online, this app is a lifesaver.

Find out more (and download your free 30-day trial) at AgileBits: 1Password

Do you use a password utility? Any recommendations?

This review isn't sponsored, nor was it prompted by PR outreach. It's a good, old, I LOVE THIS THING BECAUSE IT'S SO USEFUL AND IT MAKES MY LIFE EASIER.


  1. Holly says

    Yes, I use LastPass, and I don’t know how ANYONE lives without a password manager. It’s definitely worth paying for.

    BTW, LastPass gets good reviews and it’s MUCH cheaper (free for the PCs, and $1/month for the upgrade that includes mobile devices). I’ve never used 1Password, and so can’t speak to the differences or whether they are worth the additional $37. I can say that I would pay much more for LastPass than they actually charge. :)

  2. Rob says

    I use a combination of KeePass, KeePassDroid, and dropBox. I use the chromeIPass plugin for Chrome to get the credentials out of the database easily or I use the ctrl-v shortcut other times. DropBox keeps the database synchronized across two computers and my phone. All of it’s free.

  3. says

    I use lastpass, which is free, on the recommendation of a tech-savvy friend who has to change multiple passwords every single month for work. I love it, and wish I’d started using it a long time ago.

  4. Amanda says

    Do these programs/apps work across multiple devices (home computer, work computer, iPad, iPhone, etc)?

    Can you store multiple accounts to the same website? We have multiple Amazon accounts – one has Prime right now, the others don’t, but when the next ‘deal’ from Prime comes along, it will be likely offered to one of our other accounts.

  5. Holly says

    @Amanda – LastPass does, although there is a small subscription fee for the mobile apps (see my comment above).

    And yes, you can save multiple accounts to the same website. I have 10 different Google accounts, for example. Each one has a unique user name/password, so it’s a unique entry into LastPass. When I go to a Google site, the browser login tool offers me a choice of which account (username) I want to use. Very simple.

  6. Deandre says

    Like Amy, I’m a satisfied user of SplashID Safe. Aside from reasonable price and easy sync features, it is highly advantageous because it also allows safe storage of non-password confidential data and unlimited types of customizable records. Highly recommended.

  7. Elizabeth Kane says

    I love 1Password too! I scoffed at the idea of getting a password program at first, thinking my little piece of paper would do just fine whenever I forgot one. But now I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m letting myself get more little things like this that are taming the “mice that roar” problems in life. Great analogy, btw.

  8. robert says

    I highly recommend SplashId , because i have used it myself. Browser integration is fabulous. Also it is very easy to use. As soon as you create your account, you can actually set a pattern for splashid login, therefore you technically have to remember zero passwords. Extremely secure for USB usages as well. highly recommended.

  9. Wendy Miller says

    I have been using 1password for years and I love it. I especially like that there is a wallet section where I can store all my credit card numbers making it easier to pay all my bills and purchases online without pulling out my cards from my wallets (and forgetting to put them back afterwards). I also keep other important information like social security numbers in there was well. Using the short cut button on my chrome browser makes it a lot easier to input the stored information. And yes, you can store multiple logins to a single site. It will separate them by numbers ie Amazon, Amazon2, so on. I do have it synced with my Android devices but you have to use dropbox to make it work and that can be a pain unlike IOS that simply syncs up.