16 October 2012

Turn a wine bottle tote into a portable carsickness kit

At Amazon: Picnic Time Cellar Insulated Six Bottle Wine Tote
At Amazon: Insulated Six Bottle Wine Tote (overkill for this hack, but wanted you to be able to picture it) 

Which do you do more often?

a) Carry six bottles of wine somewhere?
b) Handle an episode of carsickness?

I think we all know the answer. Hence, Jennie's smart car cleanup hack:

My children get carsick -- a lot.  So I modified the hack for repurposing wine bottle totes and made up a car seat vomit cleaning kit. In the compartments I stash:

  • a small can of Lysol
  • a partial roll of paper towels
  • a bottle of Febreze
  • a canister of antibacterial wipes
  • plastic bags to hold wet clothing
  • some old hand towels and a change of clothes

I can't tell you how many times we've been on the road (we make the drive from Chicago to NY to visit family about 2 times a year) and I've had to stop somewhere to buy these items to clean up a wet and smelly carseat.  I used to use the old hand towels to cover the seat so my child didn't have to sit on the wet car seat for the rest of the trip.

APPLAUSE FOR JENNIE! Who among us hasn't been caught unprepared for a pukefest? I'm a huge fan of various "kits" for the car, whether they be for cleaning, for emergencies, or for entertainment.

Any other examples of DIY car kits that have saved you during road trips?

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KFC will give you an empty bucket if you look desperate enough. It's great for a disposable receptacle to vomit into.

KFC will give you an empty bucket, because their service is really good.

Funny, I was discussing this thing with my older sister the other day, now I'll have one particular much more argument in my hand when it'll

appear to confrontation when once more.

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