Portland area friends: I’m on AM Northwest Monday 9AM

AM Northwest/KATU 2News flash! I'll be on AM Northwest (KATU Channel 2) at 9am Monday morning demonstrating last-minute Halloween costumes. In other words, I'm trotting out the contents of our dress-up box and my son's closet on live TV!

I'm really excited about this. Not only is this my first live TV appearance, it will let me give my shpiel about how Halloween is the perfect holiday for the non-crafty procrastinators among us. There are any number of costumes that can be thrown together in the minutes before trick-or-treating.

After all, it's only one night, and all eyes are on the candy.

For those of you not in the neighborhood, I'll post the clip as soon as I have it. [UPDATE: here's the clip!]

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