04 October 2012

What's happening here while I'm traveling with #ONEMoms

It's the eve of the ONEMoms trip to Ethiopia. I'm (mostly) packed. I'm excited, nervous, full of anticipation. I'm incredibly grateful to Rael for setting aside his work so I can leave confident the kids and house are in good hands. (That's an understatement; his support over the last few months has been nothing short of amazing.)

Here are my plans while I'm away:

My updates from Ethiopia

I'll be posting here (hopefully daily, depending on Internet availability) with updates from Ethiopia. Sometimes they'll be regular posts at Parent Hacks or on The Accidental Expert, other times they'll be Instagram photos, tweets or SoundCloud clips. I'll also be updating at Facebook (the best way to keep track there is the ONEMoms Facebook page).

Isn't SoundCloud cool?

ONEMoms category heading

I've set up a ONEMoms category at Parent Hacks. You can get to the full list of updates by clicking the category heading at the top of any of the ONEMoms posts.

My travelmates

I'm traveling with a group of bloggers and ONE staff members. Some you may know already, others you may be meeting for the first time (as I am):

Gabrielle Blair of DesignMom
​​Alice Currah of Sweet Savory Life
Rana DiOrio of Little Pickle Press
Cathleen Falsani of Sojourners
Liz Gumbinner of Mom 101, Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech
Jennifer Howze of BritMums
Christine Koh of Boston Mamas
Michelle Pannell of Mummy from the Heart
Diana Prichard of Righteous Bacon
Kelly Wickham of Mocha Momma

Maya Haile Samuelsson (our cultural guide)
Karen Walrond (official photographer)
Jeannine Harvey, Ginny Wolfe, and Lindsay Keller of The ONE Campaign 

All of our updates will appear on the ONEMoms web page.

How to get in touch

I gotta say it: I LOVE your comments and tweets. Every comment feels like getting a care package from home! If you have questions about the trip, if you would like me to ask questions of the people I meet, or if you just want to reach out...I'm all ears.

The best way to reach me while I'm traveling is to leave a comment on a ONEMoms post, or tweet me at @parenthacks with the hashtag #ONEMoms. I'll probably do most of my responding in the evenings, when I'm back in wifi range.

* * *

Thanks for all the well wishes -- they're helping calm the butterflies as I prepare to go. See you soon, friends! So much more to share.

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Your comments

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OMG I *love* hearing your voice on Sound Cloud!!

Have a wonderful and safe trip. But most of all, allow yourself to be inspired. You will probably witness some very tough things but don't allow it to depress or anger you; instead let it inspire you to want to create change no matter how big or small.

Thanks, Ian. That's exactly what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. We've heard stories of sadness and tragedy, yes, but the much more powerful feeling is just how much people care, and the intelligent, creative ways in which they are going about addressing the needs here.

Ok. I believe you are appropriate!

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