21 hacks in October 2012

31 October 2012

Free Android App of the Day (Amazon): It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Today only, Amazon is giving away the Android-app version of the interactive book, 's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

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28 October 2012

Portland area friends: I'm on AM Northwest Monday 9AM

News flash! I'll be on AM Northwest (KATU Channel 2) at 9am Monday morning demonstrating last-minute Halloween costumes. In other words, I'm trotting out the contents of our dress-up box and my son's closet on live TV!

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24 October 2012

Rethinking the baby book: Carry a yearly notepad instead

Baby book guilt. We've all got it (on some level) because it's impossible to capture EVERY moment and milestone. Meghan has a different strategy: she shares the work and fun of recording memories with her daughter.

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23 October 2012

Sponge + Ziploc = no-drip icepack

Great idea, and likely more comfortable (and cheaper) than our old standby, a bag of frozen peas. Any other DIY ice pack ideas?

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22 October 2012

19 October 2012

Plastic lettuce knife for kid-friendly chopping and slicing

In the comments of a recent post on kid-friendly knives, Emma mentioned that her kids safely chop and slice using a plastic lettuce knife.

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19 October 2012

Amazon TODAY ONLY: Big savings on Ekobrew refillable cups for Keurig brewers

Amazon has put a bunch of Ekobrew models on sale today. I did a quick survey of prices elsewhere on the Internet, and the Amazon prices look really good.

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18 October 2012

Time for a social media shakeup at Parent Hacks? Talk amongst yourselves.

I just discovered that the majority of "likers" -- people who get Parent Hacks updates via the Facebook Page -- haven't been receiving notifications.

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18 October 2012

Puke-protect the car seat with Glad Press'n Seal wrap

Jennie turned a wine bottle tote into a portable carsickness cleanup kit. She follows it up with a bit of preventative prep using Glad Press'n Seal wrap. IMPORTANT: Read safety warning on this post.

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17 October 2012

Amazon Gold Box: Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender 50% off

For the next few days, the Cuisinart SmartStick is in the Amazon Gold Box for 50% off the list price. Price good until 10/21/12 (unless they run out sooner).

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17 October 2012

Cheese spreader lets independent preschoolers safely make their own sandwiches

It's a wonderful thing when a kid lets you know he's ready for more independence. Safety can be tricky, though, but Melissa found a happy medium.

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16 October 2012

Turn a wine bottle tote into a portable carsickness kit

Which do you do more often? a) Carry six bottles of wine somewhere? b) Handle an episode of carsickness? Hence, Jennie's travel hack.

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15 October 2012

ONEMoms in Ethiopia: Home, and everything's different

Today, I'm unpacking, going grocery shopping, cooking dinner. And I'm trying to sort through the images and thoughts and experiences from my time in Ethiopia with ONEMoms.

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12 October 2012

ONEMoms in Ethiopia: First health, then happiness

How can you possibly sum this photo up? Photo credit: ONE/Karen Walrond Before you can be happy, you have to be healthy. It sounds like a platitude you'd read in Chicken Soup for the Afflicted Soul, but I'm seeing it in the most literal way here in Ethiopia. Health --...

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10 October 2012

ONEMoms in Ethiopia: Visiting schools in Mojo

My respect for educators took another leap when we visited two schools in the village of Mojo, Ethiopia with ONEMoms.

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