Your school could win a $50K grant through Clorox’s “Power A Bright Future”

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From an educational perspective, the transition back to school is rather jarring for my daughter. Learning goes from being a kinetic, free-form, exploratory process to a quiet, structured, relatively linear activity. That's not a problem per se — learning is good no matter how it happens — but it's a shock to Mimi's system and it takes a few weeks for her to get back into the groove.

Something changed at her school, however. She now has a beautiful opportunity for active learning sitting right alongside the playground. Her school has a thriving, productive vegetable garden.

School vegetable gardenThe Discovery Garden was dreamed up by a bunch of parents. This group partnered with the school to secure the space (both the physical space and space in the curriculum), but the rest was fueled by donations, sponsorships and sweat equity.

Volunteers cleared the space of weeds and rocks, built planter boxes, moved wheelbarrows full of soil and compost, and planted seeds and starts. Evenutally, sturdy trellis fencing and a garden shed appeared. This year, the garden entrance is adorned with a beautiful metal gate.

The garden boxes are full of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Each class has its own box to tend and water, and each teacher gets to work garden-related lessons into his or her school day. The kids…well. They get to do what kids do best, which is to learn not only by listening or watching, but by doing.

Were it not for the incredible motivation and commitment of a group of parent volunteers, this garden wouldn't exist. The reality for most schools is that time and money are too scarce to take on a project of this scope. Which is why I'm excited to partner with Clorox to spread the word about their Power a Bright Future program.

Through Power a Bright Future, Clorox is awarding six $25K school grants and one $50K grant. Through 10/17/12, you can nominate your school to be eligible in one of three categories:

  • Play (activity-based programs)
  • Create (art-based programs)
  • Explore (academic programs)

Starting on 11/5/12, anyone can vote for their favorite projects. The projects with the most votes in each category will win a $25K grant, and the project with the most votes overall will win the $50K grant. In addition, Power a Bright Future judges will choose one project from each category that will win a $25K merit grant.

For more on the program, including how to nominate your school, visit the Power a Bright Future website.

Does your child's school have an "extra" program that's making a difference in his or her education?

If you had an extra $50K or $25K to spend on a school program, how would you use it?

Please share in the comments!

Thank you to Clorox for sponsoring this post. What a great opportunity.


  1. jessica says

    well my sons school has put in to win the grant but i can’t get on the website and the parent can’t. i don’t wont the school not to get it but that is what it is looking like because we keep getting this problem with website.if you can help please let us no.i’m a parent on the pto and we have worked so hard and now we are lost and have no idea what to do and to tell parents.thank you jessica baughn