21 September 2012

Press small clothes with a hair straightening flat iron

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Every hack that reduces ironing should get an immediate pass to the front of the line. I'm satisfied when they're clean. BUT, I have dealt with the bow problem Heidi mentions, and she offers a brilliant solution:

I use a flat iron (for hair straightening) to iron my girls' clothes. I hate ironing and avoid it as much as I can, but sometimes a piece of clothing will have a wrinkled bow, or a cuff, or something that needs a press before it can be worn. So, instead of dragging out the ironing board and iron, I plug in my flat iron and the dreaded chore is completed in no time.

Now, granted, my twin girls clothes' are small because they are only 3 years old and barely wear a size 2T, so I'm not sure how this will work as they get older. But it is definitely a good hack for small clothes.

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This is absolutely brilliant! I have been complaining lately that I have to iron my 3-year old's school uniforms because these tiny skorts/skirts have hems that flip up. I just declared on facebook a few days ago that when clothes are too small to fit over the end of an ironing board, they should not be required to be ironed. Thank you for a wonderful solution!

That is brilliant.

works for adult cuffs and collars.

Oh, how I have needed this! I wish I had thought of this before. While we don't have an iron or ironing board, we do have a flat iron that kicking around and I have often needed something to flatten out the collar and cuffs! Thanks ~ Ian, founder at iWishforapp

I do this all the time with my little girls clothes! Bows, a hem, pleated skirts. It's brilliant!

I KNOW. Is this not a brilliant hack? My daughter is past the bows and little cuffs, but often the tie strings on shirts and pants look pretty questionable after a wash. Too bad I don't own a flat iron.

Sometimes I will take a hot tablecloth right out of the dryer and throw it onto the dinner table, and it's more or less okay. This would be a great hack for the finished edges that never lie flat on their own. Thanks!

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