Parenting a child with anxiety…from a dad who’s been there

Simple Mom: Parenting a Child with Anxiety


Shaun Groves's post at Simple Mom about parenting a child with anxiety reflects my experience. His counterintuitive advice not to push was the only thing that started us down the slow road to improvement. I can now say — with amazement — that my son's crippling anxiety is a thing of the past. (In our case I'm sure it also has to do with brain development, but this strategy helped us through the roughest parts.)

I've written a bit about our experience; specifically, the connection between anxiety and learning. But I would recommend any parent of an anxious child read Shaun's post. Especially poignant because he suffered anxiety as a child and approaches the topic from a place of empathy.

Read the full post at Simple Mom: Parenting a Child with Anxiety

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    This is so true. My daughter is very similar…and not pushing, letting her observe, watch and do things when she’s ready. Letting her know she can walk away with no shame if she doesn’t want to do something and try it again another day.

    Thanks for sharing

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