Summer dessert recipe: Ice Cream Brownies

Hello, friends! The summertime break has been lovely here. Plenty to do and think about, but I'm also trying very hard to do some NOTHING before school gets back underway.

In that spirit, I thought you might like a little treat. I made these for my non-cake-eating daughter's ninth birthday and am kicking myself for not snapping a picture.

Frozen ice cream brownies! Could there be a better summer dessert? Choose your favorite ice cream flavor and embellishments, and prepare to delight friends and family. Perfect for a summer birthday party, or a BBQ, or just for snacking on a hot day.

Bonus: ice cream brownies can be made and cut ahead of time and kept in the freezer till you're ready to serve.


Frozen Ice Cream Brownies

This is my quick, no-frills recipe. I found a more involved but super-luscious version of this recipe at Our Best Bites…not much more difficult and looks delicious.

1 box of your favorite brownie mix

1.5 quarts of your favorite ice cream, softened

Embellishments: Melted chocolate, Andes Mints, broken candy or cookies…anything that goes with your chosen ice cream flavor

Line a 9×13 inch pan with foil and coat with cooking spray. (You want the foil hanging out of the pan so you can remove the entire ice cream brownie from the pan after freezing.) Mix up the brownie batter and spread it into the pan, then bake as directed. You want your brownies to be thin and firm.

When the brownies are completely cool, evenly spread the softened ice cream on top. Cover with plastic wrap and place the whole thing in the freezer to harden overnight.

The next day, remove the brownie from the pan (you should be able to simply grab the foil and lift). Peel the foil away and cut the brownies into squares or rectangles. I usually cut away the edges first so everything looks neat (plus, I get to eat the edges — baker's bonus!).

Embellish as you like, place on a freezer-safe tray, and return to the freezer to firm everything up before serving. If you leave the cut brownies in the freezer longer than a hour, take them out about 10 minutes before serving time so they soften just a bit.

Man, my mouth is watering.

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