07 June 2012

Proud to join the #ONEMoms Advisory Council

ONE.org: ONEMoms
Last year, I was one of several community partners that shared the story of ONEMoms -- a remarkable collaboration between ten social media moms and the advocacy organization ONE. ONE brought this group to Kenya to educate them about the incredible work going on to support local entrepreneurs, slow the maternal transmission of AIDS, and increase access to education.

The ONEMoms message was simple: the universal connection among parents, when used to pull in the same direction, can change the world.

I'm extremely honored to tell you that I've been invited to join the ONEMoms Advisory Council.

Being a part of the ONEMoms collaboration last year changed my trajectory as a parenting blogger. The marketing muscle of "mommybloggers" gets a lot of press (deservedly so), but the potential for social change is so much bigger. It speaks to what I've experienced all along at Parent Hacks -- generosity. People want to help when given the opportunity.

Monday night, I'll be on a red-eye to Washington, DC, to strategize with the ONE team and to take part in USAID's Child Survival Summit: Call to Action. In October, I'll travel to Ethiopia to learn more about ONE's work there and to share it with you.

To say I'm excited, honored, intimidated...it's that, but so much more. I've had more than one blubbering, barely-intelligible conversation about ONEMoms -- how I feel that this sort of collaboration has the potential for huge change. Hopefully my tongue will untie in the coming months as I tell you more (and find out more) about it.

I have you to thank for this, Parenthackers. This community is proof of what can happen when parents come together to solve problems. Let's see what happens when the view gets bigger.

Find out more about ONEMoms at ONE.org, on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm not the only one thinking about how the engine of generosity is moving the blogging and social media community into the future. The Mission List is making it happen. Check it out.

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So, so amazing Asha. And so deserved.

You can't even possibly understand how excited I am that you're a part of this. You just can't. :)

So, so happy you are a part of the team and cannot wait to see you next week.

Thrilled for you, thrilled for ONEMoms, and mostly, thrilled for those who will benefit and we who will learn.

I'll be following raptly.


good for you!

Det är verkligen en stor och hjälpsam upplysning. Jag är glad att ni delade denna nyttig information med oss. Vänligen informera oss så här. Tack för att dela.

Quería darle las gracias por este gran lectura! Disfrute Sin duda, cada pedacito de ella tengo que elegir para añadir cosas nuevas a escribir a ver.

merci beaucoup pour ce poste une grande! j'ai eu beaucoup de réflexions intéressantes en lisant ce que je pourrais simplement mettre en action tout de suite.

It is so exciting to think of the possibilities there are for social change and we are part of that - amazing! I look forward to meeting you in Ethiopia.

Mich x

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Thanks for author sharing such good idea, very nice and i like it.

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