Press’n Seal Art Bib

Family Chic: Press’n Seal Art Bib
Press’n Seal Art Bib via Family Chic

I love it when Parenthackers pass along great hacks posted elsewhere on the Web! From Jen:

Genius use of Press n' Seal from one of my favorite blogs, [Family Chic].

Yes! I love Glad Press'n Seal — so much more useful than regular plastic wrap. And so much more expensive, of course, but I think it's worth it. Keep your eyes peeled for newspaper coupons and stock up when it goes on sale.

It's almost worth keeping a roll of Press'n Seal in the diaper bag or the car — good for a makeshift food bib, table covering, tray cover…

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  1. HRM says

    Now, why didn’t I think of that? Genius!

    I’m going to keep Press n’ Seal in my car forever and always…

  2. says

    This is Jen, the original sharer, and I can’t believe I didn’t include the table cover idea in my email. I was too excited to share apparently, but we have a roll of P+S in our car for this use. Especially good for eating at park picnic tables! :)

  3. says

    That is brilliant! I don’t use Press ‘N Seal much around the kitchen, but this gets me thinking about all kinds of ideas for helping it to minimize messes.

  4. Donna says

    This is a great idea. I exclusively use press n seal. No clingy saran wrap for me…

  5. says

    Please try to envision the tremendous amount of plastic floating in our oceans and occupying space in landfills. Is a little convenience worth this kind of waste?

  6. renee says

    I agree with L–this is silly. Just use washable paints and get a bottle of Shout (or just relax about what your kids’ clothes look like–they’ll grow out of them next week anyway.)

  7. says

    Love the idea, but not the amount of garbage this creates. Please consider regular bibs, old clothes as paint shirts etc. rather than supporting such a throw-away, consumable item that hurts our planet not only in its production, but the garbage it makes.

  8. says

    This is a convenient idea, but it does add to the waste stream. What ever happened to the children’s art smock make from a man’s old dress shirt?

  9. polymathamy says

    Thanks for this! I used Press-n-Seal this weekend to cover the padded fabric seats on my folding chairs to keep them clean at a craft table for a birthday party! Press-n-seal saved the chairs from getting paint dripped on them!

  10. Loiuse says

    LOVE!!! Why didn’t I think of this?? I see copious use of press-n-seal in our future. :-) Can’t wait to share this idea with my mom friends.

  11. says

    Tack för att skriva denna. Jag känner mig verkligen som om jag vet så mycket mer om detta än jag gjorde innan. Din blogg tog verkligen några saker att lysa som jag aldrig skulle ha tänkt på innan du läser den. Du bör fortsätta detta skulle Im säker på de flesta överens om youve fick en gåva.