Binder clip + grosgrain ribbon = sturdy pacifier tether

Amazon: OfficemateOIC Binder Clips
Amazon: OfficemateOIC Binder Clips

Hannah had her first baby two months ago and already has a great hack for a pacifier holder!

Our pacifiers seem to be constantly running away from home, and it's even more difficult to find them with a screaming infant in my arms. The commercially-made pacifier clips are expensive, bulky, and don't seem to work that well.

I tied a piece of grossgrain ribbon (about 5" long) to a medium-sized binder clip and then to the pacifier. It easily clips to her clothes or any other object. It makes the pacifiers easier to find in the house and harder to lose when we're out and about.

I clip one to my bedside lampshade so I don't have to fumble for it at night. Others are clipped to her carseat, bassinet, and front carrier. For safety reasons, I use only the shortest piece of ribbon possible to prevent it from wrapping around any part of the baby and choosing ribbon wide enough (at least 1/4") to keep it from winding around little fingers.

I remember well the days of the interminable pacifier search. Thanks for this, Hannah.

Safety note: Pacifier clips should only be used when you've got an eye on the baby.

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    I do use pacifier clips as key chain! So I can clip the keys to my trousers whe I carry around baby, bags etc. and do not have to fumble around with only one hand, when arrived at the door / car etc !

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    What made you think of using grosgrain ribbons? That’s very clever, actually! With the known advantages of grosgrain ribbons, I actually didn’t think about using it this way like you did it. I might be doing this in the future whenever I have my next baby, hehe.

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    on our Graco Snugride seat,there is a vehicle belt hook that is used to slide the seatbelt into and secure the carseat. when we take our LO out of his carseat, we loosen the straps and slide it into that vehicle belt hook, keeping the back and seat free of straps. no extra gadgets and no worrying about possible interference/strangulation hazards.

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    This is a very clever idea! It’s one of my problems when it comes to pacifiers. I’m glad I get to read this. Thanks for sharing this, you’ll be helping a lot with this.