How to more comfortably carry a diaper bag AND baby carrier at the same time

How to comfortably carry a diaper bag while wearing a baby carrier

Not only did Karen come up with a great hack, she sent in this AWESOME photo illustration to go along with it! (Thank you, Karen — it really helps.)

This is the third kid I've worn in my Trekker baby carrier and I just figured out how to make it more comfortable when carry my diaper bag at the same time:

Put the diaper bag on my shoulder before clipping the second strap or put a carrier strap through the diaper bag handle. 

No child was awakened during the taking of these pictures.

My shoulders started aching with the memory of lugging my kid in the Baby Bjorn AND the diaper backpack. Those were the days! (Now he's taller than I am.)

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  1. says

    Det är verkligen en stor och hjälpsam upplysning. Jag är glad att ni delade denna nyttig information med oss. Vänligen informera oss så här. Tack för att dela.

  2. Jodi says

    Why did I never think to put the carrier strap through the handle of the bag? Wouldn’t work with the “real” diaper bag (too big), but works great with the “just-making-do” one that I use anyway when wearing baby! Genius. Thanks.

  3. says

    I switched to a backpack for shlepping my baby’s things. I can carry it easily while he is in a sling or front pack.

  4. says

    This is a great idea! Especially for mums who needs to travel out to run errands by themselves sometimes. Handy tips!