Cloth diaper liners make great overnight nursing pads

Amazon: Thirsties Hemp Inserts
Amazon: Thirsties Hemp Diaper Inserts

Hannah, long-time Parent Hacks reader and new mom, discovered a robust alternative to standard nursing pads:

Without getting too descriptive, I have a very healthy milk supply, especially at night. Over the last two months I've experimented with all kinds of nursing pads (cotton, disposable, silicone) and even paper towels, but always had to change my shirt at least once each night. Then I realized that I could use a cloth diaper liners. I fold two linters into V shapes and tuck them into my bra. They're comfortable, provide plenty of coverage, and are washable.

What a great reusable solution for an age-old breastfeeding annoyance.

What to do with those cotton nursing pads that couldn't meet the demands of the night shift? Use them for cleaning glass surfaces and granite countertops.

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  1. Amy says

    Cloth wipes work well too. Mine were flannel and could easily be folded and stuffed in the right place. My liners were microfiber, and I’m not sure I would have liked that against my skin for a long period of time.