How to care of yourself this summer

I just finished initial work on the self-care chapter of Minimalist Parenting, and man, did it feel good. Christine took the lead on the chapter which makes sense, because she has done a lot better in the self-care department than I have. Just reading what she wrote made me feel better.

I've improved — inspired in part by Christine's example long before we started co-authoring a book. I'm exercising, I'm putting on a little makeup, I'm prioritizing sleep, time with Rael, and staying in better touch with friends and family. I have a ways to go and I have my off weeks, but at least taking care of myself is on the radar.

Babble Voices: The Accidental Expert
At The Accidental Expert, I've broken my method into six steps anyone can follow to add more self-care into their lives:

A summer of self-care in six simple steps

Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less
At the Minimalist Parenting blog, Christine and I invite you to share your suggestions and thoughts for possible inclusion in the book:

Self-care: how to fit it in. Share your brilliance!

It took me a long time (too long) to consider self-care a priority. Would love to hear your thoughts on the whyswhats, and hows of self-care.


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