Fold tape into a tab for easy-removal fridge and freezer labels

Amazon: Scotch Magic Tape, 3/4 x 300 Inches, 3-Pack

I've always assumed Scotch tape doesn't work well for fridge and freezer labels, but I've never actually tried it. Sarah's tape trick has me rethinking: 

Turn over the end of a piece of tape before sticking on the label. It's super-easy to pull off when you are ready.

I find Scotch Magic Tape is especially good because it doesn't leave behind any glue and stays on even in the freezer. I started this system for labeling breastmilk bottles, but now I use it on everything that goes in our freezer. No more 'freezer surprise' dinners.

DUH. *forehead smack*

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  1. says

    I use painters tape when I do a freeze ahead batch. It will not stick once the meal is frozen so apply as you are covering in foil. It also does not leave a sticky residue on plastic containers.

  2. Bev says

    I use decorators tape for absolutely everything. It sticks really well but when you want to remove it, it peels right off.

  3. says

    I can’t wait to try this. I always guessed that Scotch tape would be incredibly hard to remove, but this makes sense.

  4. says

    I’ve been doing this for ages with ordinary sticky-tape.

    It is especially helpful with leftovers that are a bit too old to eat, but not too old to give to the dog, I just put her name on the lid.

  5. says

    When I searched online, most suggestions involved removing the milk from its sterilized carton. The transfer into an unsterilized container would make the milk or cream spoil faster.