Stretch rubber band “grips” around slippery shampoo bottles

Amazon: Swingline Work Essentials Rubber Bands, 75 Count, Assorted ColorsThis winning hack from Peanuts earns the FOREHEAD SMACK OF BRILLIANCE:

You can make any bottle — glass or plastic — easier to grip and hold by stretching a few rubber bands around the body of the container. Great for shampoo bottles in the shower.

Other options: Silly Bandz and silicone bracelets! (Great Parenthacker minds…)

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  1. erika says

    Rubber bands also work great as jar opener grips. Put one around the lid to a jar you can’t get open and it gives enough extra grip-action to open it right away.

  2. says

    Finally a use for Silly Bandz and silicone bracelets- the kids wear them for 10 minutes then abandon them (for the baby to find and chew on- oy).

  3. wendy says

    and to make it free, use the free rubberbands from the grocery store, that are around veggies like asparagus.