22 May 2012

Repurpose wine bottle tote as a snack caddy

Amazon: True Fabrications Canvas 6-Bottle Wine Tote and Wine BagBarbara picked up this smart idea for a snack caddy from a fellow folk dancer.

I use a wine bottle tote as a snacks bag: water bottles take two of the six slots, a banana fills the third, and an orange in the fourth.  That leaves two cubbies for Ziploc baggies of nuts, dried fruit, etc.

While these bags are not the ideal shape for Tupperware sandwich boxes, it’s still a darned good use for something otherwise useless for groceries (how much wine do you buy at a time, anyway?).

I have used one of these carriers to corral older infant and younger toddler toys in the car. This sounds like a great tool for the park, beach or playing field.

For summer road trips, you can use a super-sized version of this strategy: Pack road trip snacks and supplies in a divided wine carton.

This shape of carrier would work really well with a past snack hack: create single servings to teach portion control and increase independence.

More: Snack-packing tips and techniques.

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We're road tripping this Friday and have 3-4 of those bags in our basement at any given time. Kroger gives them to us every time we buy 6 bottles of wine...

Next time you stock up on canned goods, you can stack a lot in each one. Also, bottle shaped goods, as long as they aren't too wide, will fit nicely.

But how will I carry my wine along with me when I take my children out?

Traders joes has a basic one for a dollar. Use it for the same reason!

We bought the one from Trader Joes, not realizing that it was a bottle carrier. Our 8 yo promptly filled it with Barbies. :)

Very creative idea and a good way to recycle!

I use mine to protect fragile foods at the farmers market, and use a cardboard beer 6-pack for car snacks. It sits nicely atop the center console.

Also great for toting the resusable water bottles for everyone in the family - and there's even room left over for snacks.

A friend uses these bags (and now I have started stealing this idea) for a lovely adult birthday or housewarming present: cocktail party in a bag! One compartment for a mini bottle of champagne, one compartment for angostura bitters, one for sugar cubes, one (or two) for champagne flutes, and the remaining compartment for your card, or decorative stirrer sticks or wine glass charms. It's darling.

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