Minimalist decluttering: share your brilliance

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Of all the topics we discuss here at Parent Hacks, getting organized is the most popular. 

Life is easier when you're organized and your home isn't crammed with stuff. And the good news is you don't have to be super-organized. You can be just a little more organized, and it will get you a long way toward a calmer, clearer life.

Christine and I are writing about decluttering as an important part of Minimalist Parenting. But decluttering is a process, not a perfect destination. No one can reasonably expect to live in a zen-like environment perfectly free of clutter while also wrangling kids.

How do you bring just enough decluttering and organization to your life?

I'm combing through the Getting Organized hacks and am amazed by the wealth of wisdom and practical strategy there. But I'm sure there's more to talk about. Come on down to the Minimalist Parenting blog — we're collecting even more brilliance for possible inclusion in the book.

Read the full post for details: Minimizing Clutter: Share Your Brilliance

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