A better way to borrow/swap/sell among friends: Have On Hand

When it comes to stuff, especially baby and kid stuff, Parent Hacks Question #1 is: do you really need it?

If the answer is yes, Question #2 is: can you borrow it or buy it used?

If the answer is yes, great. But this is where a lot of us get stuck, because how do you find the specific thing you need without spending hours trolling resale shops and Craigslist?

The other side of the coin: you've got a fantastic stroller sitting in your garage. You paid good money for it, you got years of use out of it, and now you'd love to pass it on (and declutter your garage as a bonus). How do you find that person without time-consuming listings and random messages tossed out on your social network? Even if you find a taker, how do you know they will be nearby?

Have On Hand

Jason Glaspey, friend, new dad, entrepreneur and incessant problem-solver, has come up with an answer. He and his business partner are launching Have On Hand.

Have On Hand allows you to post requests for items you need. HOH will deliver that request only to the people likely to have that item available so no one gets inundated with useless information. Once there's a potential match, HOH connects you so you can make the exchange.

Have On Hand will open shortly for free beta access, and Parent Hacks readers have the first shot!

I am SO excited about this possibility not only for the decluttering and helping out potential, but because it can be a real way to break the isolation of new parenting. You can use Have On Hand to sell, swap or borrow things among your friends and community. You save money and time, you consume less, and you strengthen connections with other families. How great is that?

Find out more about Have On Hand, and sign up now to express your interest. You'll be notified as soon as it's live (your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose).

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  1. says

    I think this is a great idea! However, I do not think the ‘borrowing’ will catch on as well. People are not as trusting among on another anymore. But the over all idea is great. I have tried selling some things and going through other websites was such a hassle. Their are to many scams on Craigs List that makes me not want to deal with anyone that isn’t near by. I hope this turns into a big hit!


  2. says

    You know, Stephanie — I think that — because this is specifically among friends and folks you trust — borrowing could be GREAT. I remember when I wanted to try a baby swing for my son…I was SURE there was one sitting in a friend’s garage, and I would only need it for a few months. The trick was finding that person. At the time there was no Twitter or Facebook, but even now, who wants to keep lobbing request out to their entire network all the time?

  3. says

    I’ve had great success with loaning and borrowing through Twitter and Facebook, and I’ve also participated in a tool library and some friends are starting a kitchen item library (cake pans and such). I love the idea and I’ve signed up! thanks Asha.

    Stephanie, I think your pessimism is getting the best of you! :) I think that, the more you trust people, the more they make good. in fact I just had a borrowed nutcracker returned to me… believing that there is a balance of good energy has worked really well for me. as Steve Solomon wrote about gardening, if you believe in a magic, it will work for you. I believe in the magic of shared things :)

  4. says

    I have borrowed baby swings and exersaucers. We’ve loaned out electronic games, backpack baby carriers, playyards, nursing pillows, high chairs and more. I’m always thankful for the additional space when things are on loan.

  5. Erin Erdman says

    We love sharing and belong to a co-op, Swap N Play. This is a great idea to continue on that idea, especially for those not part of a sharing community : )

  6. says

    What a wonderful concept and I’m not surprised to see that Jason is behind this brilliance. We had success in the early days of our babies with a mashup of UrbanMamas (local Portland community) and Craigslist of our own, but it was hard and a lot of work. We don’t need much gear anymore (and thankfully have decluttered our home) but I’m excited to see the new site and hope it catches on!

    Thanks for sharing, Asha.

  7. says

    Hi, Asha, first a hello from Brazil! I really appreciate your blog and the motherhood tips that you share with your readers!
    So, let´s to the post! I had an amazing experience with borrowing baby things. I have a lot of friends with girls just few years older than my Catarina and they lent me almost all the things a mother needs till my daughter was 1. Of course I could buy brand new things (and I bought a few clothes and toys, just for a little pleasure), but I think reuse those things that their girls used for a couple of times (and buy only what was necessary) is a way of responsable consumption. Catarina is growing and I intend to teach her about recycling, money saving and friendship since ever. So I think ideas like Have on Hand are great!

  8. says

    What a clever idea, I love it. I can’t wait to share this with everyone. I have so much around the house and in storage that I just can’t let go, but I’d have no problem lending. Thanks for sharing!