Friendship bracelet helps get a preschooler’s shoe on the right foot

Amazon: Friendship Bracelets (Klutz)Karyn found a great way to support her daughter's independence while building a new skill:

My almost-3-year-old loves to put on her own shoes, but had trouble getting them on the right feet — until recently!  I made her a red embroidery floss friendship bracelet (just like we did in 5th grade) and put it on her right ankle. Then I marked the bottoms of her right shoes with red nail polish. 

Now she simply puts the shoe with the red dot on the foot with the red anklet and she no longer trips over backward shoes.

A bracelet on the right wrist would work too. To help reinforce the lesson, talk about "red" and "right" beginning with r, and paint a red "R" on the shoe.

Some of us still have a hard time remembering right and left.

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  1. Kathy says

    When my daughter was littler and had trouble getting her shoes on the right feet, I used to put an X on the inside of each shoe, on the curved part of the insole. (This means the mark faces inside and not outside, and the two X’s will line up closely with each other when you are looking at the shoes from overhead.) My daughter then just had to line the X’s up and then put her shoes on. When she got a little older, I changed the X’s to R and L (for right and left) and she matched up the R and L together and began to learn her right from her left.

  2. Betsy says

    Similar to Kathy, we had two arrows pointing at each other and then switched to L and R. And I still have left / right issues. If I had a nickel for everytime my husband said “oh, you mean your other left…” I’d retire.

  3. Kelly says

    When my daughter gets confused with right and left I tell her, “You wright with your right hand” and that seems to straighten her out. Now, what to do with my little left-hand girl…?

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  5. Jen says

    I wrote my son’s name in his shoes – first 3 letters in the left shoe, next 3 in the right. So he just needs to line his name up correctly.

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