Cell phone alarm keeps the family “launch” on time

Amazon: Samsung Intercept Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile)Lisa programmed her mobile phone alarm (and her family) to streamline their weekday morning departure.

I set a weekday alarm on my cell phone for 20 minutes before our departure time. It has a distinctive ring (like a school bell) so there is no mistaking why the phone is making so much noise. After the first alarm sounds, I hit the snooze twice.

My kids know the initial alarm signals time to wrap up dressing and brushing teeth and that the second bell (T-minus 10 minutes) marks the time to put on shoes, locate stuff and get to the door. We head out when the last alarm sounds.

The alarms keep me on time as well.

*forehead smack* I have experimented with timers, alarm clocks, and various tones of voice (most of them frustrated) and nothing seems easier or more logical than this. Love love love it.

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  1. Leslie says

    I could not live without my alarm on my phone. I have multiple set so that I get kids out the door on time and then remember to pick them up on time.

  2. says

    I have a “don’t forget your daughter” alarm already on my phone which goes off when it’s time to get ready to pick my daughter up from school. I can’t believe I’d not thought of doing one when it’s time take her to school.

  3. says

    I have phone alarms for bedtime. One for each kid, with their own, hand-picked sound. First alarm means potty and teeth, second is story, third is lights out. Keeps our evenings sane(er).

  4. says

    When I searched online, most suggestions involved removing the milk from its sterilized carton. The transfer into an unsterilized container would make the milk or cream spoil faster.

  5. says

    on our Graco Snugride seat,there is a vehicle belt hook that is used to slide the seatbelt into and secure the carseat. when we take our LO out of his carseat, we loosen the straps and slide it into that vehicle belt hook, keeping the back and seat free of straps. no extra gadgets and no worrying about possible interference/strangulation hazards.