10 May 2012

Balancing parenting and your relationship: how do you do it?

Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less

Wow, the tips coming in on our call for minimalist budgeting tips are fantastic. Not surprisingly, everyone's got a different take on what constitutes "minimalist," but I love that everyones' systems demonstrate that financial organization doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. I also appreciate the point Kelly Whalen of The Centsible Life made: "It's called personal finance for a reason."

The money conversation is ongoing. But we've got another topic on our minds which we'd love to hear your thoughts on: how you balance parenting with your relationship.

Based on the response I've gotten every time I write about relationships, it's a widespread challenge worthy of community brainstorming. So, that's what we hope to do over at the Minimalist Parenting blog.

We're wondering: 

  • How do you resolve differences in your parenting philosophies?
  • Do you have any tricks for sharing the work (and the recognition)?
  • How do you divide parenting responsibilities?
  • Any tricks for nurturing your relationship in the midst of the co-parenting whirlwind?

There's more to it -- hop on over and read the full post for details. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Read and comment at the Minimalist Parenting blog:
Balancing parenting and your relationship: Share Your Brilliance


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