An empty tissue box collects kid’s car trash

Amazon: Kleenex Facial Tissue, White, 240-Count (Pack of 18)Ilima (@iloomis on Twitter) keeps her car tidy by reusing an empty tissue box:

I put an empty Kleenex box next to my daughter's booster seat in my car to use as her own little trash can. Now when she has a used tissue, empty juice box or granola-bar wrapper, she just puts it in the box. When it's full, I can just throw the whole box away.

Now the back seat of my car is neat and free of detritus, and she likes having her own trash can. Perfect!

So simple and smart — makes me wonder why I put up with a messy back seat for so many years. A version of this hack came in a couple years ago as a disposable bedside wastebasket for a kid at home with the sniffles.

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  1. Lisa McGuigan says

    This is definitely another one of those “why didn’t I think of this?!?” hacks, and I know I read a similar one about doing this when the kids are sick. It is so timely for me too, because I just cleaned out my car yesterday and thought, “I need to give the kids a trash can for back here (the last row of the mini-van).”

    I also just bought one of those cute tissue boxes that is a cone to fit into a cup-holder. I realize you could just have a small box of tissues back there, but since minivans and SUVs have multiple cupholders, why not take advantage of them!

  2. says

    Smart, smart, smart. A tissue box would be rigid enough that it stays put so it’s easy for the child to use it. I’m putting this in action today!

  3. chris says

    We do this too and it works great! Another thing I did recently was I put a milk crate on the floor and that is the toy bin. They can get however many toys they need before getting in the seat. My oldest can reach it from her car seat so she’ll trade toys mid-ride and pass out new ones. The catch is all toys must go back in the crate when done. If I find a toy on the floor, I take it away. Eventually it’ll come back. It’s not a reward for anything, it just shows up when I stumble across the confiscated pile. They do really good for a week or two, then get lazy and toss everywhere again. It’s helped my sanity a lot! Not that I care if the car is clean but really sick of cleaning up toys from the driveway or parking lot every time doors open.

  4. says

    When I searched online, most suggestions involved removing the milk from its sterilized carton. The transfer into an unsterilized container would make the milk or cream spoil faster.