Weekend reading

I come across so much good stuff over the course of every week — more than I can properly cover. So, for your weekend reading pleasure…

Screen Rage

At Tweetage Wasteland, old friend and brilliant writer Dave Pell paints a funny picture of the extraction process he must go through to separate his five year-old son from the iPad. From there, he explores how a kid's screen addiction can look uncomfortably similar to his parents'.

Khan Academy goes mobile with a new app

Cool Mom Tech talks about my favorite online educational platform, Khan Academy, in free iPad app version!

Perfect brown rice

I Googled "perfect brown rice," and Saveur delivered with an unorthodox technique. (I wish they literally delivered.)


Speaking of food delivery, I'm experimenting with delegating domestic tasks while I plunge into book writing. (One aspect of Minimalist Parenting is delegation.) It's hard to rethink my responsibilities in terms of things other people can do, so I'm starting small: I just placed an order with SoupCycle! Can't wait for my dinner to arrive via bicycle delivery next Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes.

Mission Statements of Parenthood

On his Babble Voices blog JCO Multiplied, John Cave Osborne had the great idea of sharing his "mission statement of parenthood." He asked a few folks (including me) to kick in their own, and it turned out to be such an eye-opener.

How to marble Easter eggs

This looks fun and doable thanks to Allison's tutorial at Petit Elefant.

Have a great weekend!

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