Mobile phone alerts help the Tooth Fairy do her job

Amazon: Samsung Exhibit II 4G Prepaid Android Phone (T-Mobile)Kid loses a tooth. Tooth goes under the pillow. Tooth Fairy swaps tooth for money. Everyone's happy!

Until the Tooth Fairy forgets.

What? The Tooth Fairy has never forgotten your children? You're telling me that the Tooth Fairy has never gotten a wee bit drowsy around 9:30PM, then passed out in front of TV till the next morning?

In my house the Tooth Fairy needs all the help she can get. When a tooth comes out, I immediately create a midnight "Tooth Fairy" appointment in Google Calendar with a text message alert. I charge my mobile phone on my nightstand, so it's sure to be nearby.

There's no way the Tooth Fairy's forgetting my kid.

What's your strategy when the Tooth Fairy forgets?

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  1. tracy says

    When the tooth fairy visits our house she has our kids leave the tooth in a clear glass on the kitchen table. When she comes, she colors the water and leaves a gold coin in its place. Hard to forget when it’s right on the table in the open.

  2. says

    I would see it as an chance to talk about reality :-)
    Not that I have needed to do it, but I can’t see that the need to fool my kids outweighs problem.