Crunchy, craveworthy microwave potato chips

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Microwave Potato ChipsAs part of my exercise in embracing constraints, I'm playing with a few dietary tweaks. Right now, I'm cutting out sugar, flour and processed food six days per week. Saturday's my cheat day with croissants and cookies a-plenty. (Hat tip to Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Body for the "cheat day" idea, even though my dietary choices don't follow his guidelines).

For the most part, it's going fine. It's not a major change from my usual eating habits, although I do miss my bread.

Even so, I'm uncomfortably antsy. I never realized how attached I was to just grabbing whatever I felt like when I felt like it. I'm uncovering cravings I never knew I had — because I always satisfied them before they even registered.

For example: CRUNCHY. When you're not eating flour or processed snacks, crunchy's hard to come by. Handfuls of carrot and celery sticks do the trick sometimes, but other times I really want the crunch of a good, old cracker or chip.

Constraints encourage creativity…in the form of desperate Google searching. Eureka! Homemade potato chips you make in the microwave!

Amazon: OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline SlicerThis snack has it all: crunch, saltiness (if you like), and the pure taste of a single vegetable. You'll need a potato, a mandoline or v-slicer and some parchment paper, but that's about it. You don't even need oil.

Make some ASAP. Your kids will love them (even finger-foodies), and so will you.

Photo credit: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Microwave Potato Chips

1 russet potato, scrubbed
Salt or other seasonings (optional)

Thinly slice the potato (work in batches, as you'll cook them separately).

Arrange slices on a piece of parchment paper that will fit inside the glass tray of your microwave.

Season (if you like), then cook till golden brown. For my oven that's 3 minutes on high power followed by 2 minutes at 50% power, but yours will most certainly vary. Watch closely as your lovely chips will burn if they cook even 10 seconds too long.

Let cool for a moment (the longest moment of your life), then shovel all the chips into your mouth. All except for one, which you may share with your child. If you have more than one child, break that one into equal pieces.

Adapted from Susan Voisin's recipe; thank you, Susan!

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  1. says

    that sounds great! will have to try.

    don’t forget popcorn for a crunchy snack – that satisfies my crunchy craving. we use plain popcorn in a microwave popcorn bowl. no additives or anything junky. we add just a little bit of butter and call it good.

  2. Karyn says

    Have you ever tried it with sweet potatoes? Sounds like the makings of something wonderful.

  3. AlyB says

    ThEse were fantastic! And fantastically easy with mandolin! My hubby doesnt like store bought potato chips but thought the real potatoe-y taste of these was awesome. Thanks s much for sharing the recipe! Next. Will try a sweet potato as suggested by other commenters.

  4. Bald Man Tom says

    This is absolutely brilliant. I’m on my fifth potato today (yeah, yeah, I’ll back off tomorrow, sure I will). You’ve specified using a russet, I’ve used waxier reds and have had success.

  5. says

    What?! Who knew it could be so easy to make these delicate little potato delights. I’m speechless. Thanks for this!

  6. Kristi A. says

    Ok, they stuck to the parchment paper and so I tried a plate and still stuck… am I doing something wrong? lol… I threw the ones on parchment paper away, but the ones on the plate I just scraped off!?! They were good though! :)