Dad alert! Mother’s Day is coming up!

Lisa Leonard Designs: Jumble of Charms NecklanceDads, boyfriends, partners, significant others, and friends: I've got your backs.

This is your way-ahead-of-time heads-up that Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. This year it's May 13 which means now is a good time to start making plans to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your lives.

I'm not implying you're thoughtless dolts who couldn't care less about Mother's Day. It's just that no one should have to find themselves in the horrible situation of meaning to do something, but then forgetting till the last minute. I've done it myself with countless birthdays (ugh, the guilty, stressful scrambling).

For those who are interested…some suggestions:


Because you've got over a month between now and then, you've got plenty of time to pick out a gift. If you're an online shopper, you'll save money on shipping (no exorbitant next-day delivery!).

EVEN BETTER, there's time to organize a simple, handmade gift and card with your kids. An important lesson each Mother's Day (I think) is for the kids to take increasing responsibility (with you) for its planning and execution.

Besides, most moms I know truly prefer thought and effort over expense. I asked the Twit-Facebook-iverse for moms' favorite Mother's Day gifts and here's what I got:

  • Time alone +++++
  • Pampering: a spa treatment, breakfast in bed… +++
  • Sleep +++
  • A thorough car cleaning! — @thescramble
  • Time off from parenting, cooking and/or housework +++++
  • A Simply Been necklace with my kids' names on it. — @mom_mission (See also: personalized jewelry from Lisa Leonard Designs, pictured above. – Asha)

Before Mother's Day

Chances are the mother you're celebrating knows very well that Mother's Day is on the horizon, and she's probably wondering if anyone is making plans. In so many families, the mom's the plan-maker, so it's natural to think along these lines.

Drop a hint that you've got Mother's Day covered. She'll look nonchalant, but inside she'll breathe a silent, happy sigh of relief.

After Mother's Day

Now that you know Mother's Day is the second Sunday every May, up a recurring reminder in your calendar for that day and for "Mother's Day planning" on the second Sunday in April.

For those planning Mother's Day: tell us what you've got in store! (If it won't ruin any surprises.)

Moms: tell us about the best Mother's Day you've ever had.

I often toss out questions on Twitter and Facebook. Join us!


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    The best Mothers Day that I ever had was last year, when my husband watched our 8 month old firstborn at home while I got to take an introductory helicoptor flying lesson that he bought me and buzz dandilions in the fields! Yeah, top that, dads! This year I’ll be either pregnant or with a newborn, so it will be more challenging for him to make Mother’s Day as awesome.

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    I am loving those Simply Been necklaces. Haven’t seen those before, but it’s perfect for my mother-in-law. Thanks for sharing!

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    I got some really cute stuff from oriental trading for the sunday school kids to make for their moms. Things you can actual use like potholders and shopping bags!