Why I’m writing a book now

Babble Voices: The Accidental Expert

Last week, I shared the exciting news about my forthcoming book: Minimalist Parenting, with co-author Christine Koh.

A few people are surprised I'm writing a book because I've been pretty vocal about my lack of interest in traditional publishing — especially for a parenting book.

But several things have changed my mind.

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I just got home from BlissDom '12 in Nashville, TN. I'm still in re-entry mode because I can't quite come down from the concentrated infusion of encouragement and inspiration I got there.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed such excitement about the book, and such confidence in Christine and me as a team. Total adrenaline shot in the arm. I'll share as we go along, but for the full book scoop, visit Minimalist Parenting, follow @MinParenting on Twitter, or like Minimalist Parenting on Facebook.