Valentine crafts, ideas, shortcuts: we’ve got you covered

Amazon: LEGO Creator Mini Figure Set #40029 Valentines Day BoxVALENTINE'S DAY. Whatever you may have thought about this holiday during your romantic past goes out the window when kids enter the picture. No more cynicism or "Hallmark holiday" grumpiness allowed! Pink hearts and doilies for all!

Kids love Valentine's Day. Some love the cuddly warm fuzziness, others fawn over their budding crushes, and plenty just get excited about the candy. Whatever the reason, it's pure and simple fun. Valentine's Day also happens to be a good moment to help your child to expand his or her definition of love beyond "kissyface" to appreciation, gratitude, admiration and friendship.

We have TONS of Valentine crafts and activities here at Parent Hacks. If the phrase "homemade cards" fills you with fatigue rather than delight, here's some Zen-like Valentine crafting perspective that may help you think differently. Not convinced? We've also got ideas for dressing up store-bought Valentines.

And so much more! Search Parent Hacks for the keyword Valentine and you'll be on your way.

Over the next couple weeks I'll be tweeting and Facebooking my favorites from the archives, but if you've got a new idea or link to share, please send it my way. Email me with the subject VALENTINE and I'll fast-track your hack.

Let's share the love, people!

Did you see that LEGO Valentine boxCan you believe the cuteness? I couldn't resist.


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