03 February 2012

Super Bowl Sunday: No crowds at the usual weekend family hot spots

Amazon: NFL Protoast ToastersI trot this Super Bowl hack out every year, but it's such a good one! From Jay:

I've noticed that a lot of people are into this whole "football" thing, which means they'll be at home (or a bar) watching the big game on Sunday. For us parents who aren't into sports, this provides a perfect opportunity to take the kids out for weekend activities, minus the weekend crowd. You'd be surprised how few people are at the zoo on a Super Bowl Sunday afternoon!

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What? You don't have an NFL toaster?

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Superbowl Sunday without football? That is so very sad to even consider...

We watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I have no idea if kids would like it (ours is only 7 weeks) but oh my goodness it is adorable.

We aren't a football family either. We do the same thing and it is wonderful.

I have a friend whose family tradition for many years has been to go to Disneyland on Superbowl Sunday. I would go with them, except we live in France, and I have found, that as with many things American, France doesn't celebrate this day!!

I like the idea of the zoo, but in 30 degree weather it's not going to happen. ;-)

But I agree, this is a great day to get out. Museums are also good places to go on a day like today and we have many to choose from.

And as for "the big game"...Hey, that's what the DVR is for right?

We went to the (indoor) pool, had the pool to ourselves and then of tho the neighbor's party in time to eat and see the end of the game.

We went to the (indoor) pool, had the pool to ourselves and then got to the neighbor's party in time to eat and see the end of the game.

Does anyone else find it odd that Super Bowl Sunday seems to rising to the status of a minor American national holiday?

A lot of people don't care about the Super Bowl. Pre-child, I always took it as an opportunity to go see a long movie to get away from any sign of the game (Titanic, Gone With the Wind, etc). Now I'm wondering if 3yo is too young to go the Exploratorium. It's supposed to be beautiful in the Bay Area this weekend, so an outside excursion would probably be better. Yay!

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