Tech tools that help you strengthen your relationships


Speaking of improving our relationships, let's get practical. Over at Life Scoop, Maggie sums up the intention-versus-bandwidth dilemma perfectly:

You'd like to be a person who marks birthdays with timely cards or sends unexpected gifts, but seriously? You have stuff to do. So much stuff.

I talked about this very problem when I suggested you take notes during phone calls with friends and family. But technology has gone deeper since then; there are now lots of tools to help you remember special occasions, send gifts and cards, and otherwise do the nice things you always mean to do.

Read the full post at Life Scoop: Thoughtfulness Automated

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  1. says

    When I was courting my wife, I would take notes as we talked on the phone, and I had a list of notes titled ‘To Talk About’ whenever I called her. It kept the conversation flowing and we covered a lot of ground instead of letting our conversations dwindle to the level of “what’s the weather today there?”.

  2. Kay says

    Kids nowadays spend so much time watching TV and playing video games (as much as 56 hours a week!) that I like the technology tools that engage kids and their parents.

    There are apps now that encourage parents to engage with their kids. I think these are great relationship-building tools!