Simple family ritual: Memory Jar

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We've been paying attention to getting organized in recent weeks, so yay us! Here's a lovely counterpoint to all the focus on stuff and space: a simple way to "organize" family memories.

As those singular family moments happen — the silly dinner conversations, the priceless quotes, the quiet observations — write a few descriptive notes on a scrap of paper and drop it into a Memory Jar. Everyone can participate. Non-writers can toss in small objects or drawings…anything that'll jog a favorite memory.

At the end of the year (or on a birthday, anniversary, holiday, last day of school or other other significant occasion), open the jar and read the memories out loud, then sit back and listen to your family's laughter.

Reminds me of a book I reviewed years ago and loved: Everyday Traditions: Simple Family Rituals for Connection and Comfort.

SO happy you pointed me at this, Heather! Thank you.

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  1. says

    Just had to tell you a tip. When your jar is full, try where you can lay out your family memories on a chronological timeline, words and pictures side by side, as a permanent record of what’s gone, and a legacy for your family’s future. It’s free to use.
    Helen, Founder

  2. Nat says

    I buy an extra diary (planner/calendar, whatever you call it) at the start of each year and write down the memorable things my kids say and do of an evening. There is usually more than one entry each week- and with 4 kids, often i run short of room to write! We now have five years worth of memories on the bookshelf and i love reading through them :)