01 February 2012

How to childproof the dishwasher? Talk amongst yourselves.

Childproof dishwasher

via baby-log.com

Nicole needs our help! On the Parent Hacks Facebook page, she asks:

I'm at my wits end! My son loves getting into the dishwasher which doesn't have a lock for some reason. Has anyone found a good way to childproof these? We've tried a few different appliance strap locks and they don't work at all.

Beyond a couple pieces of duct tape I'm drawing a total blank. I Googled this creative solution: use a sliding lock to block the dishwasher door.

Please share: how did you childproof your dishwasher?

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I put a gate in the doorway to the kitchen. Then I don't have to childproof anything in there and can have my knives where I can reach them, my stove hot, etc. And I put the cat's food in there so my son doesn't play with it.

I don't have any suggestions on this (yet- though I will talk to an engineer who might have a savvy DIY solution).

I would like to say that the dishwasher can be a real hazard for toddlers. My boss' dog (a young retriever, so a good sized dog) jumped onto their open dishwasher door. After a few of these pounces, the dog landed on the door, the dishwasher's only retaining bolt broke free, and the dishwasher burst out from under the counter. The door (with the dog on it) slammed to the floor and the body of the dishwasher slammed shut (against the floor) over the bewildered pooch.

Because it was centered on the door, the dog was not physically harmed. The repairs were extensive. I think about this every time my kids lean on the open dishwasher door.

OMG Adrienne, that is so scary my kid leans on and sits on the darn door while it is open and I've had to shoo her out/off it so many times, I never imagined that could happen though!

Our dishwasher locks when you push it completely shut, like when you start a wash cycle. The release handle is too stiff for a toddler. I think most dishwasher's have a lock position.

http://www.safety1st.com/usa/eng/Products/Home-Safety/Latches-Locks/Details/94-48482-Multi-Purpose-Appliance-Latch these work awesome on anything that can open. Even awkward cabinets that have an overhang above door....or armoire desks. You might have to pull dishwasher out to get one end attached.

I don't need an appliance latch. Our dishwasher is a drawer and the controls are on the front. I don't know how many times my daughter has pressed the buttons to start it. Other than trying to teach her not to press them, I'd love to know if there's something we can do.

This is a great idea for the safety of the children, I should do this right away actually!

This hack just blew my mind. This is also a good for dishwashers like the ones I've seen which sometimes fall open on their own. (shudder)

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