06 February 2012

Turn broken crayons into artsy valentines

via bostonmamas.com via pinterest.com

Christine (Boston Mamas) found this lovely idea that is a craft project, a reuse project and a Valentine all in one. Those are broken crayons, a heart-shaped silicone baking mold, and some sweet creativity that would be fun any time of year.

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This has been a fun project for myself and my daughter this year. We're nearly done with putting ours together.

One thing to note, we found that about half our crayons were really hard to peel. So we soaked them in hot water with a splash of liquid Dawn to soften the glue and make the paper and glue come off easier.

What would their next batch of heart-shaped brownies taste like?

Or do the silicone molds clean up that well?

The molds cannot be used for anything else after this. I made a goody bag at my son't bday party and made everyone's name using the letter molds, giving each of them their names in crayons and can never use the molds for anything else. Also, as far as peeling, I just used a paring knife and cut a slit lengthwise and peeled all the crayons that way. A little time consuming, but definitely well worth it. We still have the crayons left over and he uses them all the time.

We have hesitated doing this project in the past as I've heard it can cause quite a smell. Anyone have this problem? Or do you all have kitchens that are better ventilated than mine? :-D

We made these the other day. We had a slight crayon smell in the kitchen when they were melting but it soon went away. Also I found I had to bump the heat up to 275 and just keep and eye on them because with the time and temp posted there, nothing had really happened by that point.

They turned out awesome!!!!! thank's for the idea...my girls had a lot of fun making them and didn't had any probles with the oven or with any kind of smell, plus I got rid of all those broken crayons they had!

These are quite beautiful. I wonder if you could make other things like dinosaurs? I guess you would need some unusual baking tins...

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