Make healthy snacks easier with a vegetable tray

Make and Takes: Helping My Kids Eat Their Vegies


One of my top 7 vegetable recipes for kids is Crudités with a Surprise. What I forgot to mention is that presentation and availability are a key part of making this "recipe" kid-friendly.

I now covet the vegetable tray Marie highlighted on Make and Takes, and I love her suggestion about keeping it stocked and at the ready in the fridge. Good for the kids and for her.

This is a good place to use Glad Press'n Seal wrap. It's more expensive than regular plastic wrap but it's so much more useful. I keep an eye out for coupons then wait for sales and use the double savings to stock up.

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I have no relationship with the Glad folks…I'm just a happy customer.


  1. says

    Eating foods with toothpicks is always fun too. We used to come home from ill-timed birthday parties, full of junk but not “food” and have a Salad Party for dinner. We’d put out all the veggies and dip, then eat with our fingers or with toothpicks.

  2. Jenny says

    You can also buy a premade tray of cut veggies from the grocery store. Then save the tray and refill it with your own veggies. They usually come with a lid, so you don’t need the press and seal.

  3. says

    I have a Pampered Chef tray like this. It has a base that goes into the freezer to keep the contents cold for a long while. I can leave it on the table most of the day.

    I’ve tried it with veggies, and my kids just let them sit, but it might work with someone else’s kids. :)