Organize art supplies with dollar store bins + laminated labels

Tiny Leaf Studio: Unplanned project: closet craft organization


Several attendees of the "Getting Organized" chat asked for tips on how to organize art supplies. My overarching strategy for all organizing projects is "Simplify, Routinize, Delegate," and Jess of Tiny Leaf Studio did just that with her craft closet.

Simplify: Declutter then sort the art supplies into categories. That way you know how much storage space you need and how many containers to buy.

Routinize: Create a home for each category of supplies. In this case, Jess chose a closet shelf and clearly-labeled handled bins. Having a specific home for art supplies enables a simple routine for when kids want to do an art project: you and they know where the supplies are and which ones to pull out for a given project.

If you have older kids and the room, consider choosing a spot the kids can reach themselves (see Delegate.)

Delegate: The grab handles, absense of lids, and big, colorful labels make it so much easier for the kids to clean up after themselves. Less work for you, and more likely you won't cringe when the kids say "Let's do an art project!"

(Note Jess's clever use of cheap, Dollar Store bins and her personal laminator.)

For more how-to, read the full post at Tiny Leaf Studio: 
Unplanned project: closet craft organization

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  1. Melissa says

    We have these for organizing lot’s of things in the house. For organizing smaller toys, socks and underwear, lotions and such in the bathroom. They work awsome!

  2. chris says

    Our arts and crafts stockpiles are too much for little bins. I got a LOT of dishpans from walmart. They’re like $2 or so, and much bigger. I got so hung up on the bins that my kids toys are nearly all in bins placed neatly on shelves. All of our bins have labels for the end of each with a picture of the toys. Works so much better for little ones who can’t read yet.