18 January 2012

Make a no-sew wrap-style baby carrier

Homemade wrap-style baby carrier
Hallway not included. Photo credit: Rookie Moms/Heather Flett

via www.rookiemoms.com

Heather's FauxbyHeather of Rookie Moms made her own wrap-style baby carrier (which she refers to as her Fauxby). And you can, too. Really, you can.

While her version did involve a bit of sewing (hemming the edges), she says the no-sew version works just as well. Go to Rookie Moms for fabric recommendations, dimensions, and how-to.

→ Read the full post at Rookie Moms: Makin' it: no-sew wrap baby carrier

Can't be bothered to make your own? This DIY project was inspired by the original Moby Wrap.

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