Make a no-sew Moby wrap baby carrier


  1. says

    Love this! I’ve been wanting to get a Moby for my new addition, due in April (I used other carriers with my first two). But if I can make one (even if I need to do some sewing) I would much rather do that! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rose Lanigan says

    I wish I’d known before I bought mine just how simple it is! I would’ve made one, definitely :-)

  3. Hillary says

    Don’t beat yourselves up too much if you purchased one – the biggest cost with a Moby is the high quality fabric. You’d need to buy that no matter what to make sure your baby is secure and snug! Seriously, don’t cheat on the fabric, it will make things unsafe for the bebe.

  4. Kayleigh Garner says

    At 8 months pregnant I saw the Moby wrap in a store, and at $80NZD, I thought it was extortionate, so went to Spotlight (our local fabric store) and bought 4 metres of yellow jersey knit, cut it in half lengthwise (as its 115cm wide) and use that as a wrap.
    My baby is now four months old, and I always pack the wrap whenever I leave the house, and put her in it when I leave the car.