30 January 2012

How to avoid hanging clothes while emptying the dryer

The Cure for Hangerphobia | diary of a bewildered mother

via bewilderedmother.wordpress.com

@bewilderedmom shared this very funny post about hating to hang up clothes after taking them out of the dryer for folding. Assuming one gets to the dryer after it buzzes and doesn't forget about it for two days, leaving the contents in a compressed, wrinkled heap. (Thank God for the Touch Up setting.)

Where was I? Oh, yes! Hanger hatred! Which I share in a big, big way. She came up with an ideal hack for her hangerphobia, which, as a bonus, provides serious motivation to put the clothes away immediately. You might guess the hack from the picture, but you should still read the full post, if only to see this hack's pop culture inspiration.

Read the full post at Diary of a Bewildered Mother: The Cure for Hangerphobia

Another cure for hanger hatred just occured to me: wall-mounted clothes hooks near the dryer!

If screwing something into the wall scares you, try Command self-adhesive hooks -- they stick well and can be removed without damaging paint or leaving stickum behind.

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Why the hanger hatred? I don't get it.

We have a tension rod (like a shower curtain rod, you know?) in the laundry room. I keep hangers on it, and I pull them off and hang up the clothes as they come out of the dryer. That works for me. :)

Thanks for posting, Asha!

I can't explain the hanger hatred. As for your hangers in the laundry room, I tried that, but getting all the clothes on hangers from the laundry room across the house to our closet was not something meant for people with small arms or little balance. Plus, I forget to bring the empty hangers into the Laundry room (I have a short-term memory like Dori's). So keeping the hangers in their closets works best for me. At least until I have a laundry room + ginormous master closet combination.

Plus, I need any motivation to organize or clean. Silly motivation seems to work the best :)

-Bewildered Mom

I would highly recommend using the drier as little as possible! Driers are really harmful to most fabrics, if possible just hang your clothes to dry naturally.

The favored materials for short dresses are taffeta, chiffon, satin and silk, among others. Sleeker fabrics lend themselves to sexier looks, while fabrics like chiffon and taffeta, lighter in feel and structure, will give fun and flirty styles.

An LG condenser dryer, unlike a traditional vent-style dryer, uses a condenser-based system to gather moisture from drying clothes. The system then moves the moisture to a container for disposal after the drying cycle ends.

She came up with an ideal hack for her hangerphobia, which, as a bonus, provides serious motivation to put the clothes away immediately. You might guess the hack from the picture

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