Writer, mother, extrovert: a tricky balance

In my latest post at Babble Voices, I talk about how easy it can be to forget about your fundamental needs even as you walk down the path toward a full and happy life. And one easy thing you can do to adjust course.

New favorite craft material: polymer clay

Amazon: Fimo Soft Clay 10 Color Assortment 25 g blocks assorted colors box of 10

Polymer clay (such as Sculpey and Fimo) has everything going for it: it’s inexpensive, widely-available, versatile, long-lasting, easy to use, easy to clean up, and open to endless interpretation.

DIY science experiment table


Most of us relish the idea of a little mad science with the kids, but then we run into the reality of gathering the materials and finding the space to work. Undaunted (and motivated by her daughter’s love of science), Michelle set out to solve this problem.

Make a no-sew wrap-style baby carrier

Homemade wrap-style baby carrier

Hallway not included. Photo credit: Rookie Moms/Heather Flett via www.rookiemoms.com Heather of Rookie Moms made her own wrap-style baby carrier (which she refers to as her Fauxby). And you can, too. Really, you can. While her version did involve a bit of sewing (hemming the edges), she says the no-sew version works just as well. […]