Send a LEGO Star Wars e-greeting to support Toys for Tots

Amazon: LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2011I have a little thing for the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.

I found out about it based on a recent hack suggesting an advent calendar as a potty training reward chart. I then mentioned my crazy impulse to possess it on the blog and on Twitter and was FORCED VIA RELENTLESS PARENTHACKER CYBERBULLYING to purchase one.

We opened Door #1 last night, and it's as awesome as I had hoped.

@homawoodrum describes herself as a geek, lawyer, wife, and mom. I would add "writer," as she has a lovely blog as well. I will also add "kindred spirit" because we've been trading funny tweets about Star Wars, LEGOs and other topics for quite some time now.

LEGO Santa YodaWhich brings me to the point of this post. In an extremely roundabout way.

Last night, she passed along a pointer to the official holiday site for LEGO Star Wars. There are all sorts of fun and silly things happening there, but she pinged me specifically because of this:

For each e-greeting sent via the site, LEGO is donating a new LEGO set to Toys for Tots, up to a million sets.

These are funny little video spoofs of LEGO Star Wars characters in silly holiday scenarios (I've included an example below). Good for a chuckle, and GREAT for the potential of free LEGOs to kids who can't afford them.

So head on over! Send e-greetings to the Star Wars-, LEGO-, and humor-lovers in your circle. In my circle, that covers pretty much everyone.

Go to: LEGO Santa Yoda: the Official Holiday Site for LEGO Star Wars

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  1. NLP says

    I was about to buy it but would have liked it much better if the box wasn’t the doors. I wish it was something more permanent. Still cute though but my son is only 7 months ;-)